Running away or facing destiny

The travel bug, this urge to move and keep on the road, to be in constant movement, always in motion. Does this mean we are running away from reality? Running away from the life that we have? That we are unhappy with what we have? Does this unsatisfactory feeling mean that I am ungrateful about… Continue reading Running away or facing destiny

Travel Tips Istanbul – Beginners Guide 2

The İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) has it all: main shopping street during the day, party mile during night time and the historic tramvay between Taksim and Tünel. When going out at night you will most probably be easily spotted as a tourist and people will try to lure you into half empty clubs with free… Continue reading Travel Tips Istanbul – Beginners Guide 2

Travel Tips Istanbul – Beginners Guide 1

Hands down, I absolutely adore this city – the good, the bad and the ugly, and it’s always worth a visit for me. Some of the things I will now tell over the next couple of blog posts, I wished I had known before, while others I simply figured out along the way. When selecting… Continue reading Travel Tips Istanbul – Beginners Guide 1

My Travelbug

There is nothing as enjoyable and fulfilling as traveling in my life. It does not matter if it’s a day-trip across the border, a three-week vacation to another country or an internship on a different continent. This passion has been passed down from my mother, who encouraged us to explore the world and broaden our horizon. To… Continue reading My Travelbug