Travel Tips Istanbul – Beginners Guide 1

Hands down, I absolutely adore this city – the good, the bad and the ugly, and it’s always worth a visit for me. Some of the things I will now tell over the next couple of blog posts, I wished I had known before, while others I simply figured out along the way.

IMG_6315Istanbul Lightroom
View from my window on one of my Istanbul trips 2015

When selecting your accommodation, be it hotel, hostel or other place, such as an apartment through a website, if you plan on grabbing a drink or more in the evening, I would recommend getting a place in Beyoğlu, somewhere between Taksim and Galata, where a lot of restaurants and bars are within walking distance and arguments with taxi drivers concerning the fare can be avoided, because they know you are a tourist. Should it be the case however that you are easily disturbed by sounds from the streets, I would recommend finding some place else (Sultan Ahmed for example), but I do have to admit that some of my nicest travel memories include coming home at the end of the night, falling tired into bed, while the windows are fully open, the sun rising over the Golden Horn and muezzin’s prayers can be heard across the city. Plus I think I can fall asleep any place and no sound can keep me from doing so.


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