Running away or facing destiny

The travel bug, this urge to move and keep on the road, to be in constant movement, always in motion. Does this mean we are running away from reality? Running away from the life that we have? That we are unhappy with what we have? Does this unsatisfactory feeling mean that I am ungrateful about the life that I am leading? Wishing, wanting hoping for more – for the wide, open world.

What about the people we meet on the way? Do we strive for finding lifelong friends or just companions for a part of our travels; for a part of our lives. Are we satisfied with either outcome? Are we willing to take leaps of faith – opening up to people much faster on the road, also knowing that the chances of never meeting again are majorly increased. Do we resent the fact that they escape our lives as quickly as they have come or do we accept the hand of cards we have been dealt? Breaking down our tents and moving on – moving to where life takes us.

Drawn to the people who have totally different backgrounds, another upbringing and values. And despite all the differences there is so much common ground, finding connections I would have never dreamed of in unexpected places. Getting glimpses and looks behind the facades, behind the masks people put on – moments of pure honesty, total vulnerability. Are those the moments we live for?

What if I wasn’t meant to stay where my roots are? Where things are known and comfortable. Where I don’t need to think or worry what tomorrow will bring. What if I need the adventure, the drive of the unknown? Striving for something that is written in the stars, that’s unspoken of but only felt. Something that one isn’t able to put in words. What if it’s madness? Then I want to be part of this madness and create my own madness. As long as I am aware of where one home is, I can acquire more homes of the heart along the way. As long as I know where my roots are, nothing can undermine me.

What if the traveling is what I was supposed to do all along? What if that’s what’s flowing in my veins, that what keeps me sane – that fix that I need. Every month I don’t travel I feel caged, I feel trapped in my skin, in my own home, in my life. So maybe the road is my destiny and I simply need the courage to fully commit to it. Follow the omens and they will lead me wherever I should be.

Antibes 2014
Sitting on a wall over looking the harbour during sunset- Antibes, France 2014

8 thoughts on “Running away or facing destiny

  1. Very beautifuly written. I complitely got lost in your words. Really enjoyable 🙂 I definitely agree with you, I too wanna be a part of this madness of traveling and get lost in it. Meet new people, see new places and make challenges build my strength!

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    1. My family and friends will be in my heart to matter where I am. I believe we all have our own destiny and sometimes we find it and other time we might not…let’s see where the way leads, but travel will always be a part of mine ❤


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